Android Q is Android 10

Android Q

Android Q is Android 10 ?

Google has officially named the next version of Android, which is due to be released this fall: Android 10. Breaking the 10-year history of naming releases after desserts, the company is bailing on providing a code name beginning with a subsequent letter of the alphabet (in this case, Q), which is the way we’ve been referring to Android up to now. This year is Android 10, next year will be Android 11, and so on.

  • In later Android versions only the numbers will change
  • The company says the decision was made to ease communication.
  • Along with the name, I also made changes to the Android logo.

Google says the move is aimed at bringing simplicity to the world’s 2.5 billion devices running Android.
In the past, many people were confused by the practice of naming desert names for Android versions.
According to the company, users did not understand whether their phones were running the latest version of Android.
Yes, the company will continue to give the Android version a nickname in its internal communication, but it will not be out of Google’s office.

In addition to naming, the company has also changed the logo and color of the Android.
In it the English word ‘android’ has been converted from green to black, while the Android robot has left the upper part of the symbol’s face.

Going with a new naming scheme for the 10th version of Android makes a bit of sense; it’s a landmark release.
Still, given how difficult it is to put a common dessert to the letter Q,

I noted to Google’s Sameer Samat, VP of product management for Android, that it was awfully convenient that Google picked this release to switch up the naming scheme.

“We’re going to deal with that skepticism,” he says. Google’s actual reason for switching the naming, he says, isn’t that Q is hard, but rather that desserts aren’t very inclusive.
“We have some good names, but in each and every case they leave a part of the world out,” he argues.
Android is a global brand, used by more people in India and Brazil than in the US, so going with an English word for the dessert leaves some regions out.

Pie isn’t always a dessert, “lollipop” can be hard to pronounce in some regions, and “marshmallows aren’t really a thing in a lot of places,” Samat says. Numbers, at least, are universal.

A refreshed look for the brand

The Android brand has evolved over time. Back in 2014, we updated our logo and brand color, and this year , we are introducing a more modern, accessible look.



Android 10 add new features and capabilities

=> Better notification controls

Android 10’s new notification settings will help you limit the dings and beeps coming from your phone.

=> Location control

You have new options when it comes to approving location access in Android 10.

=> Wi-Fi and QR codes

Android 10 makes it a breeze to share Wi-Fi networks with a QR code.

=> Undo app removal

Ever accidentally remove an app from your home screen, and then realize you can’t remember which app was there? I have.
With Android 10, you have a few seconds after an app has been removed to undo the change.
You’ll find the undo button along the bottom of the screen. Press it and bam, the app is back where it belongs.

=> Bubbles

Android 10 Bubbles feature should feel familiar to users of Facebook Chat Heads.

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