Getting Started with React Native

Getting Start React Native

Getting Started with React Native. before start Our minds comes so many ideas, like
Why we use React Native?
What is benefit of using React Native ?
How much learning required for this ?

let’s discuss step by step,

Why we use React Native?

React Native is an framework that enables developers to create mobile applications using their existing JavaScript knowledge.
Which means those developer are familiar with java script that developer easily understand all concept of this.
It provides the faster, efficient mobile development and code sharing across Android, ios and web.
You can create your project in one and application available for both platform like Android and ios.

What is benefit of using React Native ?

=> Time saving
Using react native we can create application for android and ios at one time code.
so it’s saving our time.

=> More Productivity
Developer no need to code on both platform.
That’s while can easily maintain project and increase more productivity

=> Cost Effective
If we can make once and run on multi platform than of course we save our time, developer coast and more productivity.
then budget of project will make cost effective.

How much learning required for this ?

if you want to start development in react native then you know more things related to programming.
It’s not easy for any beginners.
Before start you know about JavaScript, Css and JSX.
Then you go to start of react native.

JSX is nothing but “stands for JavaScript XML”.
JSX allow us to write HTML in React native and react. It is not difficult but you know very well about this.
Where we used JSX and how to use JSX.
Because using JSX we can write any html without create element and etc.

Next section we discuss about how to setup and install react native in our system and then discuss or overview of full course that we cover in this series.

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