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Meteor is simple platform for building software development. Meteor works on JavaScript on the front and back-end.
This Framework allow you to fast development and testing on hot load. without any command, just change your code and save, then instantly display changed result without and interaction. Here , we provide fully tutorial about how to Meteor Installation and setup.

“Why we choose Meteor”

That is very simple question, because Meteor is fully JavaScript framework, all package, it’s collections and all. If you are developing your code in one platform then, we can able to work on all other.

For Example:.

We can developing one web-application in Meteor, after completion this application we can same code also work in mobile Android and Ios application
So simple, you can write once and run many platform.

Essentially, it makes web development easier. It’s flexible and requires less code, which means less bugs and typically a higher quality and more stable end result.

Meteor is easy to learn and quick to build with—making it a new favorite for many developers.

So what are the top things that make this framework a favorite?

Let’s take a look at the best reasons to build with Meteor.

  • Fast to build :

    When we use meteor, then directly you can build your application using JavaScript on front and back-end . In other framework you try t learn withing 3 to 4 week, same things in meteor your production start in same days.

  • Single Language :

    We are working on meteor that time you don’t require multiple programming language knowledge, because it’s work on completely JavaScript. While any other platform need some many knowledge like JSON, XML, JAVA etc. but in Meteor we required only one language and simple HTML skill.

  • Real time application run :

    Meteor is one type of magic, “How”?, because in Meteor we can do any programming that instantly display output without any emulator and additional software. just save our programming file and directly hot run display your out put on browser.

  • Save Time :

    When we develop the application that time in meteor available many, pre-build library and function, those function and library directly use in our code without any coding. just import your library using import statement.

  • Save Cost and Resources :

    Meteor framework is use for one time development and multiple use, how?, When we develop any application in Meteor then this application used in Web, and mobile platform IOS and Android also. That’s while we say that, Meteor saving our resource and our cost also.

Meteor Installation Steps

Step  1 : Open command prompt and set path of our c: \ drive, then PAST the below command with enter

@"%SystemRoot%\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe" -NoProfile -InputFormat None -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -Command "iex ((New-Object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadString(''))" && SET "PATH=%PATH%;%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\chocolatey\bin"

Note : open “cmd” prompt with “run as administrator” mode.

above command is used to “installing chocolaty”. we can check how to look like, our cmd, let’s see…

Installing Chocolatey
Installing Chocolatey







Step 2 : Upgrading Chocolaty

choco upgrade chocolatey

like, this..

Update Chocolatey
Update Chocolatey





“choco upgrade chocolatey ” command upgrade the latest chocolatey tool for meteor.

Using choco command Installing Meteor

choco install meteor

Meteor “Create first Application”

Here we create one application, it’s name is “simple-todos”, let’s see how to create first application…

meteor create simple-todos

“meteor” command is used with “create”  and follow by the application name, and press the enter. then create “simple-todos” project in our given directory.

Now, go to the “simple-todos” directory using following command,

cd simple-todos

After, go to the “simple-todos” directory. we need to run our project, using following command.


If you want to import “react” library in our project, so first run the following command in your project directory,

meteor npm install --save react react-dom

above command install npp, and save react library in our project, when we need to use this library in our project that time , simply add import with react word. Then you directly use many predefined react function in our project.

Write on your browser the following line,

Check output on browser


This, shows your application output in browser. Simply change your HTML file and save then automatically change the new output without any run.

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