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Python is an object-oriented, interpreted language. developed by Guido van Rossum.

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=> Easy to learn and read

It has a simple structure and keywords, that allow students to pick up the language quickly.

=> Portable and Cross platform compatible

Python has the ability to run on a wide variety of hardware platforms and maintain the same interface on all platforms.

=> Interactive mode

It’s supports an interactive mode that allows interactive testing and debugging of snippets of code.

=> GUI Programming

Supports GUI applications libraries for major operating systems.

=> Scalable

It’s offers a better structure and support for large programs, rather than shell scripting.

=> Database Support

Provides interfaces to all major commercial database.

Installation Steps for windows

Step 1 : First we need to download python software. click here for python software

Step 2 : After the download double click on, downloaded file.











here, select Add python 3.7 to PATH check box and click on Install Now text.












Second screen look like this, after the finish installation display following screen,












If you want to set the global path manually, go to system properties, click on Environment Variables, Select Path Variable and Click on Edit.

Browse to your Python Installation directory, copy the path and pate it in Variable value in Environment Variables.

To open python, go to the Start menu and select Python.


Python can work in two modes:

  1. Script Mode(IDLE (Python 3.7 32 bit))
  2. Shell mode(Python 3.7 32 bit)

Script Mode(IDLE (Python 3.7 32 bit))

The scriptural mode allows you to write a script and then run. IDLE is very similar to a text editor. A script usually contains a sequence of statements. If there is more than one statement, the results appear one at a time as the statements are executed.

To use the Python Shell mode. Select IDLE(Python 3.7 32 bit) mode.


Shell Mode (Python 3.7 32 bit)

Shell mode immediately returns the results of the commands you enter in the shell. You can start Python from Unix, DOS, or any other system that provides you a command-line interpreter or shell window.

To use the Python Shell mode, Select Python 3.7 32 bit mode.


Python Program in Script Mode

Open IDLE(Python 3.7 32 bit). Select File -> New File


Type the Python code in the new window and save it.


Select Run menu option and select Run Module or Press F5.

The Output will be displayed as shown below.


Program in Shell Mode or Interactive mode

  1. Open Python 3.5 32-bit.
  2. In the shell window, type the commands directly and press Enter.
  3. The output will be displayed as shown below.


Here, a simple message is displayed in the shell mode by using print statement.

First program in Shell mode
First program in Shell mode







Using shell mode, you can type simple any statement and press enter to get instant response on the shell mode.

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